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Hotel Contractor

Prontour is a freelance Hotel Contractor that can provide ad-hoc hotel contracts and enhanced travel group programmes for wholesale, sectorial or seasonal Tour Operators.

Prontour has a deep knowledge of Hotel market in Italy and a strong experience in hotel contracting for wholesale and B2B segment.

The staff own the ability to develop close working relationships with Hotel, transfer, tourist guides and other ancillary services, to achieve optimum results in build group business and increase repeat customers.

Prontour can negotiate rates, terms and conditions with hotels within the given cities/area. Can also visit hotels, generate and submit reports and propose contracts.

Prontour infuses creativity and innovation into the travel group/family programme organization to substain a truly tour successes.

Our advice, before become you too an our Customer, please try us and see by yourselves how we and “all that we have described” works properly. Do it!


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